Harvard Graduate School of Design, Master of Landscape Architecture I 2021.

School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Bachelor of Fine Art, with honors,
Design + Sculpture 2015.

Floor to ceiling windows extend an invitation to shift perspective. A story tall mirror drafts us in, as we circle round to a dog-legged door. Stepping through the glass door, we are greeted with ground.

MEDIUM is a courtyard immersed in matter,

                    an exploration in the development of brick + blossom,

                      a study and space centered in cycles, 

                                                                                     where visitors venture over 

gradiations of ground.


Transitioned by a chunky, considerable chip, brick guides us through:

                  1. soft, permeable sediment

                      populated by self-deciding, sprawling + sociably yuccas

                  2. through our introduced chip

                  3. to familiar, standardized 8x4x2” bricks

                  4. to 5’ 3” lengths, ordered by + indicative of their manufacture

                  5. to 2x2’ bench

                      to sit in the middle of mass,

                      descended 3’ into both the courtyard and a conversation of lifespan and



Looking out, our vision is filled with fields.

            In winter,

                           a plain/plane of light, shadow, and texture.

            In spring and fall,

                                         a color field mingling blue and green Adam’s Needle and                                               Small Soapwood Yuccas.

            In summer,

                               a sculptural cloudscape of staggered white blooms,

                               suspended in calm.