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Boston, MA


Charles River

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Rise is a series of elevation interventions to the Charles River’s edge, between the slow lap of its water and the bustle and grind of the city beside, that provide the opportunity to transcend existing conditions through departure and shift, and replenish space to a community interrupted by privatization. 


Composite constructions of local concrete and recycled granite chip, three way finding ‘stones’ create three new realities for the overlooked Charles, and a series of subtly gradiated walkways gravitate visitors to new vantages. 


Three invitations to new perspectives, Rise offers three moments: to extend, to immerse, to mediate in the middle of the Charles River, between ‘here’ and ‘there,’ ‘mine’ and ‘yours.’


Extend’ is submerged, a splash between worlds, that lays in the river and calls to the city. Subsurface ledges and integrated stairs allow swimmers to rest, jump and scale. A cut parking lot and boat ramp support the attributes of play - kayaks and inner tubes, coolers and noodles, and the things needed to get them there - our cars and vespas, bikes and ride shares. 


Immerse’ is integrated, a conscious lookout that spans the existing land and a paranthetical peninsula, transitioning perspective seekers along a cut spiral slope to stare into the air, the liminal space between ‘here’ and ‘there.’ A neighborly amphitheater sits below, grassy ledges provide row seating and a halo behind gives sprawl for picnicers and pickup games. Semi-formal fields for more organized games transition along Soldiers Field from busy to boisterous. 


Mediate’ is amidst, a span between realms, a space to look and see. A rising slope echos the serenity of reflective potential, and invites visitors to sprawl on its bank, on their back, on their bellies, to sit between, to suspend reality or investigate it. 

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